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Shigeki Tanaka Ginsan Nakiri 165mm



Shigeki Tanaka is a young blacksmith working out of Miki City, Japan.  We are proud to offer his various line of knives.  These knives boast amazing edge retention and Ginsan steel is a joy to work with. Octagonal Wenge is perfect for balancing out the expertly crafted knives. All of Shigeki Tanaka's knives come in a beautiful gift box.  Pictures just don't do these knives justice.

These are incredible knives from a master at an affordable price. 

Please wash all knives prior to use. All knives come with a factory coating of camelia oil that should be washed away before using. 


Collection Knives
Blade 165mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Ginsan Steel / Nashiji / Stain Resistant
HRC  62
Handle  135mm / Octagonal Wenge
Weight  175 grams

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