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Nomura Shirokami Gyuto 210mm



We are pleased to finally introduce Kazuo Nomura to the line up here at KNIFE.

Nomura - san hails from Echizen, Takefu. One of the top places in world for knife making. Nomura has been a life long apprentice of the amazing Takeshi Saji and makes his own knives under the Nakayama name for Saji san.

We had the pleasure of meeting the young smith in one of our recent visits to Japan. His energy and passion can be seen and felt through his incredible work and attention to detail. Although focussing primarily on hunting / outdoor knives, we had to have these stunners in the shop for their robust micarta handles and unique profile. These blades just feel powerful in the hand. For anyone looking for a larger profile and longer rocking motion, these guys are for you.

Fun fact : Nomura - san loves anything hip hop!

Due to the high purity of white steel / carbon - this knife will rust if improperly cared for. 

Nomura-san thought the red micarta looked like our logo so he made them red for us - nice touch.


Collection Knives
Blade  210mm / double bevel
Steel  Shirokami #2 / carbon / no cladding
HRC  63
Handle  135mm / KNIFE Red and Black Micarta
Weight  208 grams    

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