Nigara Migaki Tsuchime Kiritsuke 210mm - Turquoise



Another gorgeous knife from Nigara Hamono, located in beautiful Aomori, Japan. 

Nigara hamono dates back over 350 years to the Edo period where they were first producing some of the finest swords for the Tsugaru clan of Japan. Currently in its 8th generation under the tutelage of Master smith Tsuyosho Yoshizawa. These are incredible works of art and we are pleased to introduce them to our shop. 

While these knives are sold as 210mm blades, we have noticed some variation in length. Some blades may be closer to 195mm - 200mm. 

There are three distinct handle variations - Super Blue, Aquamarine #1, and Aquamarine #2. 

Please note - these handles are made with a synthetic turquoise. Made to feel stone like, almost metallic and cool to the touch. It's very hard - a great feeling handle. 


Collection Knives
Blade 210mm / Double Bevel
Steel  SG2 / Migaki / Tsuchime
HRC  63 - 64
Handle 130mm / Western Synthetic Turquoise
Weight 255-265 grams


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