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Makoto Kurosaki Ryusei VG7 Petty 150mm

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Makoto Kurosaki is the older brother of Yu Kurosaki. Both brothers apprenticed under Kato-san and are now making knives of their own.

Makoto still forges for Kato-san as well as helping his brother at his new hamono in Echizen.

New for 2022, Makoto Kurosaki's new line utilizing Takefu Special Steel VG-7. Incredibly versatile, stainless and best of all, easy to maintain in a busy work environment.

Cherry Blossoms handle.


Collection Knives
Blade 150mm / Double Bevel
Steel  VG-7 / Migaki
HRC  61 - 62
Handle 115mm / Octagonal Cherry
Weight  72 grams

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