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Yukihiro Sakai Hinokuni Gyuto 210mm



We are very happy to welcome a new blacksmith to KNIFE.

Yukihiro Sakai is a young blacksmith from Kumamoto Prefecture. After apprenticing for Daisuke Nishida, Sakai-san has since started producing his own line of knives using many of the same techniques and materials as Nishida-san, including forge-welding their own steels in house. 

These knives are made with Shirokami #1, or white carbon steel, and are entirely handmade by Sakai-san. 

This Hinokuni line is named for the Kumamoto Prefecture and Mount Aso, a famous volcano, and means 'Country of Flame.' 

Please note that these knives are cladded with soft iron and are entirely reactive. Keep clean and dry to prevent rusting. 


Collection Knives
Blade  210mm / Double Bevel 
Steel Shirokami #1 / Kurouchi
HRC  62-63
Handle 125mm / Oval Cherry Handle / Black Plastic Ferrule
Weight  159 grams

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