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Yukihira Pot by Fujinos



Introducing - an incredible Yukihira from Fujinos.

Designed for speed and ease of use, these stainless steel Yukihiras are just that. Easy to use, and incredibly well balanced. 

We love Yukihira pots, versatile, fast cooking and attractive. We have never been fans of cheap stainless or aluminum like some many versions out there. 

The Fujinos Elecs are made of a high quality Stainless steel and can take a beating. Pour spouts are always a welcome addition.

Induction capable and incredibly comfortable - our go-to Yukihiras.

Available in two sizes. 16cm and 18cm.


Collection Cookware
Dimensions 16cm - 16cm X 6.4cm X 33cm (with handle)
Dimensions 18cm - 18cm X 7.3cm X 35cm (with handle)
Material  Stainless Steel / Aluminum Clad / 18% chromium
Handle  17.5cm Curved 
Weight  555g / 630g

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