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Extremely happy to introduce to you our custom made comal from our good friends at Hatsukokoro. 

Tortillas and tacos are a staple in our homes and our comal is never too far from the stove. We got tired of using our 10 year old junker so who better than H&K to make us this stunner. Thin, light, low lipped and wide - the perfect size. Also great as a flat top griddle if you choose. Our Sunday pancakes have never looked so good.

Although this can be used in a high temp environment, use caution with high heat especially on electric stove tops. Best to bring up the temperatures up gradually to avoid warping. Comals traditionally should also never be that hot, nice and mellow for that perfectly cooked tortilla. Or for charring those chiles and tomatoes for the perfect salsa.

Store dry and with a light coat of food grade oil for optimum results.

These are handmade and may vary slightly from product to product. Feel free to contact us for more details / pictures.

New batch arriving spring 2024. 


Collection Cookware
Material  Pig / Wrought Iron / Recycled Iron
Thickness  3 - 4 mm / varied
Care  Please refer to our Cast Iron Care Guide
Size  34cm
Handles  One handle 
Use  Mellow heat for the perfect tortillas


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