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Reboot Coffeebar is a specialty light roast coffee shop located in the Chuo Ginza shopping district of Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Reboot is run by our new friend Toshiki. It is here in his little cafe that his passion and dedication comes through with each bean roasted and served. We found him through our family in Japan.

Always in search of not only the best coffee in the world, but the most passion driven and dedicated individuals that continue to push this industry further and further with their hard work. 

The coffee is roasted and extracted under the theme of 'coffee as a luxury item' and is not bitter or smoky, allowing you to enjoy the fruity and wonderful flavor inherent to high-quality specialty coffee.


Takasaki Chuo Shopping Street, where Reboot Coffeebar is located, once flourished as the center of Takasaki.

However, although it is currently one of the prefecture's most lively entertainment districts at night, it is quiet during the day and is known as a shuttered district.

We hope that young people will once again gather in this shopping district and bring it back to life. 

With this in mind, we named our store REBOOT. 

Buku Abel

This bean is cultivated in Buku Abel Village, Guji District, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The Dega variety is grown in the area and cherries are collected from surrounding smallholders. The Dega variety is now cultivated in many other regions, but it is one of the indigenous Ethiopian varieties that is said to have originated here. 

The 2022/2023 crop produced a micro-lot of just 1,500kg of Anaerobic Natural. The coffee cherries are placed in sealed tanks pressurized with carbon dioxide and undergo anaerobic fermentation for approximately 96 hours, followed by 24 days of drying in a dark bed.

This process infiltrates the beans with fruit juice and sugars, creating a unique flavour reminiscent of blueberries and juicy stone fruit. There is also a faint herb-like flavour in the aftertaste. Please enjoy the change in taste as time passes. 


Welcome not only to KNIFE, but to Canada, one of Japan's newest and most promising young roasters. Thank you Toshi-san.



Farm Hambela Wamena / Hambela PLC
Region Buku Abel Village, West Guji, Ethiopia
Process  Anaerobic Natural
Variety  Heirloom (Dega)
Altitude 2100-2250 masl
Weight 150g
Level  Light
Impressions Blueberry, Stonefruit, Sweet, Herbal
Brew Method  Filter, Espresso
Roast Date March 23, 2024


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