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Reboot Coffeebar is a specialty light roast coffee shop located in the Chuo Ginza shopping district of Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Reboot is run by our new friend Toshiki. It is here in his little cafe that his passion and dedication comes through with each bean roasted and served. We found him through our family in Japan.

Always in search of not only the best coffee in the world, but the most passion driven and dedicated individuals that continue to push this industry further and further with their hard work. 

The coffee is roasted and extracted under the theme of 'coffee as a luxury item' and is not bitter or smoky, allowing you to enjoy the fruity and wonderful flavor inherent to high-quality specialty coffee.


Takasaki Chuo Shopping Street, where Reboot Coffeebar is located, once flourished as the center of Takasaki.

However, although it is currently one of the prefecture's most lively entertainment districts at night, it is quiet during the day and is known as a shuttered district.

We hope that young people will once again gather in this shopping district and bring it back to life. 

With this in mind, we named our store REBOOT. 

Finca La Esperanza 

La Esperanza was was the founder of the Huehuetenango region, all the way back in 1958. At that time, there were no roads or paths into the mountains here, and the farmer walked the 120 mile trip several times in the first few years. Help arrived slowly with a road, trucks, and additional farmers springing up under his leadership. Today, La Esperanza is operated by the founders grandchildren, and is often referenced as being the finest coffee estate in the entire country of Guatemala. In addition to a small amount of Pacamara, the farm grows Bourbon and Caturra heirloom varietals using traditional organic farming practices. 


Pacamara is a cross between the enormous 'elephant bean' Maragogype and Pacas, which is within the Bourbon family. Both varietals are low-yielding and harder to grow than modern hybrids, so Pacamara is a rarely grown bean. Pacamara's magic was discovered and released in the early 1990's after over 30 years of experiments by the El Salvadorian Institute of Coffee Research. The bean is so large that it is too big for sorting by coffee screens. Instead of being a 16/17, or 17/18, these would be screened as a 20/12 if such a screen existed. 

A washed Guatemalan Pacamara - enough said.

Welcome not only to KNIFE, but to Canada, one of Japan's newest and most promising young roasters. Thank you Toshi-san.


Farm La Esperanza / Aurelio Villatoro
Region Hoja Blanca, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Process Washed
Variety  Pacamara
Altitude 1800-1950 masl
Weight 150g
Level  Light
Impressions  Floral, Apple, Cherry, Sweet, Bright acidity, Round
Brew Method  Filter, Espresso
Roast Date March 23, 2024


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