Newton Brua Series 2 - Black



Introducing not only to KNIFE but to North America, the Newton Brua. 

We were smitten and enamoured the moment we laid eyes on her. Simplicity, style and grace are only a few of the words that describe the Newton Brua. 

Driven by the quest to create the most aesthetic and sustainable manual espresso maker for the global market, the idea was simple - to design and craft using local production, a minimalist espresso machine for the home or studio that consistently produces barista-quality espresso.

Meet the team behind Newton.

Hayden Maunsell

Beginning his working life as a refrigeration engineer, Hayden quickly discovered a passion for product design.

While studying towards a Master of Art & Design, Hayden worked with (now business partner) Alan as a workshop technician at the local design school. It's here, in 2015, that the first espresso maker was made.

Hayden has also worked as an Industrial Designer for two large manufacturing companies in Hawke’s Bay until recently when he decided to move to Newton Espresso full-time.

Alan Neilson

Alan started his career as a toolmaker. He honed his engineering skills making and designing mechanical products (bicycles and lawnmowers) for a large manufacturing company in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

After settling down with a family, Alan shifted his focus from engineering to a handcraft movement by accepting a Head Technician role for the local Art & Design school - a role he held for 30 years.

Alan’s technical engineering experience pairs beautifully with his skills as a genuine craftsman making the Newton products a real work of art.

Brua Series 2

Solid hand-crafted maple handle with metal reinforcing maintains a sleek design while ensuring this handle will never fail. High-quality, food grade seals and o-rings will maintain their integrity for years of coffee making. 51mm high quality stainless steel coffee basket holds 15-20 grams of fine coffee grind resulting in a rich, aromatic espresso with perfect crema. Minimalist design - no need to disassemble the body and piston for pre-heating, making your coffee routine simple and rewarding. Easy to clean - simply remove the seal and custom water dispersion screen periodically and wipe with a damp cloth. Portable enough to take away on holiday and durable enough to use everyday at home or in the office.

We are beyond excited to be able to bring our favourite manual espresso maker to Toronto and North America.

Come by the shop for a demo.

The Newton Brua is sold without or without a pressure gauge. 

We want you to start brewing espresso the moment you open the box, so all necessary puck prep tools are included.

Includes - wooden tamper, puck screen and high quality micro fiber cleaning cloth.

Workflow tools sold separately - Check out the entire Brua line up of accessories here.

This is the Series 2 version of the Newton Brua - it features a much easier workflow with a twist on portafilter and thicker lever arm for more stability when pulling shots. We can't overstate it enough, this machine has an incredibly smooth and quick workflow making this the ideal machine for the espresso minimalist's set up. 

**Pro-tip. Warm up the brew chamber at least twice with directly off the boil water for optimal results.**

All Newton Bruas are hand made with care and pride in Hawke's Bay New Zealand.

Please note that the Orange Brua is now discontinued. 


Use  Manual Espresso
Material  Powder Coated Steel body / Anodized Aluminum (food grade) brew chamber
Capacity  70ml - practical 60ml
Basket Size  16-22 grams | 51mm
Dimensions  35.5cm X 25cm X 10.2cm
Weight  1.6 kilograms


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