Loveramics Colour Changing Cupping Bowl - Modern - Set of 6




Designed in tandem with UK designer Simon Stevens. These are some of our favourite cupping bowls available in the market.

Cup your coffee with a touch of elegance. The Loveramics colour changing cups have a special glaze which reacts to different heat signatures allowing the user to visually detect flavour profiles at different temperatures. A key element is true coffee tasting.

Cup turns white at 95C / Light Grey at 70C / Dark grey at 60C / returns to black >55C

To preserve the glaze, we recommend hand washing only.

Sold as a set of 6. 


Use Cupping / Tasting
Material Ceramic / Glaze
Capacity 220ml
Size Diameter 90mm / Height 63mm 
Weight  138 grams


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