Loveramics Coffee Bean Dosing Tray - Set of 2



Lets face it - these things aren't necessary, but they sure do make your workflow that much more fun.  

Designed in collaboration with coffee guru James Hoffman and Ten Hundreds Thousands. These nifty little trays are such useful tools in any barista's kit or home cooks alike. Used for single dosing / RDT / flour / sugar / ashtray..... versatility at its best.

Dose your coffee with a touch of elegance. 

Available in 2 naturally subtle colours.

To preserve the glaze, we recommend hand washing only.

Pairs incredibly well with an RDT spray bottle. 


Use Dosing / Measuring
Material Porcelain
Capacity Small - 30-40g / Large 60 - 80g
Size Small - L95mm / W80mm / H50mm  /  Large - L120mm / W 100mm / H65mm
Weight Small  117 grams  / Large 195 grams


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