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Lilo Coffee Roasters comes to us from Osaka, Japan, where they have two beautiful cafe spaces along with the Lilo Coffee Factory. 

Coffee can make people's lives fun and interesting.


Monteblanco Farm is located in the village of La Tocora, in the jurisdiction of San Adolfo, Acevedo, Huila. At an altitude of 1,730 masl, the area has an average temperature between 16°C and 22°C, and an average of 1,700 hours of sunshine per year. This allows coffee plants to be exposed to sunlight for 300 hours longer than the Colombian average.

Monteblanco is a traditional family farm, currently owned and operated by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia and has been in operation since his grandfather was in operation. The family owns multiple farms and lead the entire process from tree germination to cultivation, harvesting, selection, and export. 

The 14-hectare Monteblanco estate grows a few varieties of coffee cherries, including Geisha, Pink Bourbon, and this particular Purple Caturra, and has its own washing station and drying facilities. They have tanks for regular anaerobic fermentation, as well as refrigerated rooms with thorough temperature control and tanks specialized for the fermentation of natural selections, offering a rich variety and high quality of coffee beans.

Rodrigo's coffee from the Monteblanco farm is recognized around the world. He won the Yara Champion Program 2017, a Colombian competition, with a variety called Bourbon-Rose, and the following year he was the runner-up in the Yara Champion Program 2018 with the same variety. In 2019, his Purple Caturra Washed won first place in the Roasters United competition and won third place with the same variety in 2020. 

Coconut Washed

This special infused coffee was created by Rodrigo using the refining know-how he has gained through years of research and trial and error as a producer. 

Citrus juice, dried mint, coconut, brown sugar (derived from sugar cane), and other fermentation-promoting microorganisms are added to the fermentation tank at a unique ratio, and as the product name suggests, the bean is fermented in a way reminiscent of lemonade drinks made with coconut. 

This Coconut Lemonade Co-fermented Washed process begins with the creation of the fermentation culture that will be used. First, a mother culture was created containing microorganisms like lactobacillus and saccharomyces cerevisiae which were derived from Rodrigo's Purple Caturra coffee cherries. 80 litres of this culture is separated to be fed with sugar, molasses, dried coconut, and concentrated citrus juice. The ingredient mixture contributes flavour to the culture, while the sweetener energizes the fermentation and brings the culture's sugar content to a level that matches the degrees Brix of the coffee that will be processed. This initial fermentation of the mother culture takes 190 hours to reach the appropriate degrees Brix and pH value for coffee processing. 

Before being processed with the fermented culture, coffee cherries are measured for sugar content as soon as they reach the mill at Monteblanco. Cherries are then floated to remove impurities before being pulped and deposited into a 200 litre sealed tank. The 80 litre culture that was previously fermented with the fruits is added to the sealed tank, and the pulped coffee is fermented for 150 hours. During this process, the team keeps measurements to ensure that the environment doesn't fall below 6 degrees Brix, or below a pH of 4. The coffee is then moved to the drying area, where it is dried for 2-3 days in direct sunlight and then for 15-18 days under shaded canopies until it reaches 10-11% humidity.

Cupping Comments from Lilo

Intense, mouth-watering coconut flavour. Strawberry sweetness with a pleasant gummy mouth feel. Lingering sweet and sour cherry aftertaste. 

Exciting coffee from an exciting roaster and region.

Welcome to KNIFE, Lilo.


Farm  Monteblanco / Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia
Region  Huila, Colombia
Process  Coconut Washed
Variety  Purple Caturra
Altitude 1730 masl
Weight 200g
Level  Light
Impressions coconut, strawberry, gummies, cherry
Brew Method Filter / Espresso
Roast Date March 25, 2024


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