Flair | Pro 2 Espresso Maker - Black - Shop Demo Model




This Flair model was Eugene's gateway into the world of manual espresso. 

This Pro 2 is our demo model and has been lightly used by us. All demo models have been fully inspected and thoroughly cleaned, and are in perfect working condition. 

For further pics or info please reach out to us here.

The Flair Pro 2 needs little to no introduction.

Used by many, it has been our go-to manual espresso maker at the shop, on the truck and with its handy travel kit, at the cottage for years. 

It was a natural choice to offer it at the shop along with all of our favourite machines. 

We love the Flair - simple, easy to use and solid espresso.

Pair with a medium roast of your favourite coffee, dialed in a setting on a J-Max 1ZPRESSO, and you're in manual espresso heaven. 

More info can be found here on Flair's website. 

Flair makes a myriad of options, we find the Pro 2 to be our favourite and the best in their line up.

The Flair Pro 2 also comes in other colours, but knowing us we had to go for the black. Classic. 

Contact us for to order any other models / colours at any time. 

Comes with all necessary accessories to brew the perfect shot of espresso. 


Use  Manual Espresso
Material  Aluminum body / Stainless Steel brew chamber
Capacity  70ml
Basket Size  16-24 grams
Dimensions  35.5cm X 25cm X 10.2cm
Weight  1.3 kilograms


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