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Miyazaki Seisakusho "Miyaco" Single Drip Kettle



We have a thing or two about kettles here at KNIFE. 

Although reminiscent of a Japanese style tea kettle - the Miyaco single drip kettle was designed to be used for pour over. The small and precise nature of this kettle allows for incredibly precise control. Almost competition like accuracy. 

The kettle brings us back to a simpler time. Enjoy the ritual, enjoy the slow workflow, just enjoy.

Its small foot print fits perfectly in your Unito coffee travel kit.

Although ok with a small gas flame, we recommend boiling in another vessel first to avoid damaging the base or handle.

Made with love in Japan. 


Collection Coffee
Use  Water only 
Method  Alternate heat recommended / small gas flame ok
Material Stainless Steel / Mahogany Wood handle 
Capacity 300ml max
Dimensions 151mm height / 153mm base
Weight  200 grams

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