Sakura Damascus Scissors by Mcusta



Every once in a while a product as beautiful as these comes through our shop. We first saw these in 2018 at our annual Mcusta night with President Tomo Hasegawa. Amongst the dozens of gorgeous pocket knives and kitchen blades that Tomo brought for us to gawk at, was this stunning pair of scissors. 

Designed for intricate fabric work and delicate crafting, these slim scissors have incredible action and with proper care should remain razor sharp for years to come. 

Although stainless, please keep these scissors dry and clean. Periodic use of Tsubaki oil will help prolong their life. 

Comes in a gorgeous Kiri wood box. 


Material  VG-10 Damascus
Length 75mm blade / 170mm overall
Weight 58 grams
Use  Fabric / Crafting


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