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Re - Opening

What a year it has been, 2020. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank our many online customers over the last few months, new and old. Without your help and support we'd hate to wonder where we would be now. Thank you. It makes us happy to think that so many of you took the quarantine time to cook at home. I know I did.

No one knew what to expect in March, it was such a scary time for so many, especially us in retail and our friends in the hospitality industry. We hope everyone is coping and managing during this difficult time, and will continue to persevere through the rest of this awful situation.

With all that being said, we are happy to announce KNIFE's first stage of re-opening. The most important thing on our minds at this point is the complete safety of our staff and customers. We understand that everyone (ourselves included) would like nothing more than to see Toronto completely return to normal, but we know that a complete 100% re-open / regular hours is just not there yet. We thank you for your patience and can't wait to see you all soon.

On Friday July 10 we will re-open our Leslieville location (1112 Queen St. East) for sharpening / curbside pick ups only. No one will be allowed into the store, all drop offs and pick ups will occur at the front entrance. This will be our stage one. Our West End location (803 Dundas St West) will remain closed for sharpening but maintain its weekday curbside pick ups until further notice.   

We appreciate everyone's understanding and hope that we can get you all sharp again!

As promised way back in March before our closure, we are pleased to be able to honour our "pay what you can" sharpening for all of our industry friends who have been greatly affected by the current situation. This offer will be extended to the last day of July.

***Please note for our "pay what you can" sharpening offer - limit of four knives per order in order to maintain our 24 hour turnaround and respect for other customers .**** 

Thanks for reading, stay safe - EO

  • When - Friday July 10 / 12pm
  • Services - Sharpening Services only
  • Hours - 12pm - 4pm daily (Closed Wednesdays)
  • Curbside - Pick ups available for in stock items 


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