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Lockdown #2

To our dearest KNIFE family and friends.

We'd like to start off by saying thank you for all of the love and support we have received over the last few days regarding Toronto's upcoming Nov 23rd lockdown. Although difficult, lets trust in the fact that this will be for the greater good and we do not see the further spread of this horrible infection.

We will be continuing our regular hours at both of our locations. We will still be sharpening and offering our services via a modified curbside set up. No one will be allowed in shop.

As always, our web store is open and running 24/7 with our free shipping and in store pick up options. All of our inventory will be made available on the site and we encourage anyone who is looking to make a purchase, do so via our website to ensure availability and to help with social distancing at the shops. 

Regarding our inventory levels. We've been asked by many about how our stock may look closer to December and we'd like to reassure you that we have plenty of knives and accessories. We are also expecting our larger Christmas orders arriving by mid December, so like every other year, we'll be rocking! 

We understand that this may be difficult for many, but lets hope that this will be our last and final lockdown.

Stay safe out there, wear your mask and stay home.

Lots of love from you team at KNIFE.

Thanks for reading.


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Have a KNIFE day.