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Holiday Hours

Well, 2020, amirite?

We hope that you all take a much needed and well deserved time away from the hustle, the bustle and most importantly the news. Spend some time with you loved ones (within your household of course) and just take a deep breath.

Thank you all so much for the support and love that you've given us over this terrible year. We've seen two lockdowns and a total of 6 months of unopened physical stores. We couldn't have survived without your business via our website. For that we thank you. Let's hope that with the upcoming vaccinations and stricter protocols, we never have to hear the word Covid again.


KNIFE (both locations) will be closed:


Dec 31 - January 8 

Saturday January 9 : Regular Hours Resume


***All online orders ship Jan 8. Curbside pick ups resume Jan 9.***

Stay safe Toronto. Happy Holidays from your team at KNIFE.



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