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Dustin's Custom Handles

Hey guys,

Hope everybody's having a great summer. We know we are here - lots of projects are on the go and lots of cool new things are happening at the shop.

After 10+ years of running KNIFE, one thing that we know for sure is that people love a unique knife. We supply gear to countless amounts of cooks in Toronto and around the world, and when you sell multiples of the same knife you're bound to have one of your coworkers show up to work with the exact same blade. If you've worked in a restaurant, you know that during a busy Saturday rush our knives, spoons, peelers (you know who you are, FOH), etc., can get lost in the mix. Aside from engraving your knife (which I've never liked the look of), the next best thing for protecting your tools from being 'accidentally' lost, is to have them look like nobody else's. Cue the custom handle. 

We're pleased to introduce some of the most beautiful custom Wa handles we've come across in the last decade. Please welcome to KNIFE Dustin Swaciak of realsharpknife.com. Dustin hails from just across the border in Buffalo, where along with making custom handles, he also sharpens knives and still finds the time to work 60+ hours a week in a professional kitchen.

Dustin is also nice enough to hand deliver his work and hang at shop every time he's in town. He says he likes the personal touch and care, but I'm pretty sure its only for Toronto's strong ramen game.

Check out our Meet section of the blog for a post all about Dustin - coming soon. 

Here are some pictures of him at work on his last visit.

Gotta love a knife guy with a knife tattoo.


So far we're offering 3 different sizes - for now.

4 inch - suitable for Pettys and shorter knives. 


5.5 inch - a little larger than the industry standard; great for 170mm to 240mm Santokus and Gyutos.


6 inch - the big guys; perfect for Sujihikis and larger Gyutos, or for those who just prefer a beast of handle. 


These handles range from $120 - $165, depending on size and materials. And all handle purchases include the install.




We've already had the pleasure of re-handling a few blades, here is a pic of our latest, a 210mm Tsunehisa Gyuto with a 5.5 inch blue and pink Burl Maple, gorgeous. 


We're working on getting these on the online store soon, but in the meantime swing by the shop to check them out - no two are the same.

Thanks for reading,


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